Group Therapy Programs

Wellington Street Psychology runs various group therapy programs. For more information on these, or to join, please contact the practice.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for anxiety

CBT is the most widely used, researched, and validated therapy for anxiety. CBT examines how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours work together to create anxiety, and how these can be modified to decrease it. Program topics include challenging and changing anxious thoughts, decreasing the physical symptoms of anxiety, the mind-body connection, and mindfulness. This group is for anyone seeking to develop skills to manage and decrease their anxiety.

When:  Our August group is now full and 2021 intake for this program has now closed. The next group intake will be in January 2022. Please contact reception on 03 7023 4780 to be added to the waitlist.

Cost: $70 per session (a Medicare rebate of $32.90 is available per session with a valid Mental Health Care Plan and referral)

The ESTEEM Program

Same sex attracted men are significantly more likely than heterosexual men to experience depression and anxiety. Many experiences account for this, including real or perceived rejection due to sexual attraction, repressing or concealing one’s same sex attraction, and internalized homophobia (‘gay shame’). Many same sex attracted men also experience exclusion and disconnection from other same sex attracted men, leading to feelings of loneliness and separation from their own community. Often, these men can develop unhelpful ways of coping with these issues including striving to be the best (e.g., having the perfect body, the best job, the highest income) or using temporary and unhealthy coping strategies (e.g., excessive sex, drugs, or alcohol).

The ESTEEM protocol was developed by researchers and psychologists at Yale University (USA). ESTEEM is a psychotherapy for same sex attracted men aimed at improving their mental and physical health. ESTEEM uses cognitive-behavioral principles to address the social contexts and issues that influence same sex attracted men’s wellbeing.

For the first time in Australia, Wellington Street Psychology will be delivering The ESTEEM Group Program in 2021. Over the course of 10 sessions, group members will explore their experiences of mental health and its relationship to the minority stress of being same sex attracted, their experiences within the LGBTQIAP+ community, some unhelpful ways of coping with their emotions. Group members will also be provided with adaptive strategies to regulate and tolerate emotions, challenge unhelpful thoughts, express themselves and their needs assertively, connect with others in a healthy way, and prepare themselves for future mental health issues.

When:  Our January 2022 groups are now full. The next groups will run in August 2022. Please contact reception on 03 7023 4780 to be added to the waitlist for our August groups.

Cost: $115.00 per group session (a Medicare rebate of $32.90 is available per session with a valid Mental Health Care Plan and referral). The assessment session will be bulk billed with a valid Mental Health Care Plan and referral.